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Dice Maruyama

Photographer / Producer

Started a business career as being a professional commercial photographer in Tokyo after mastering studio photography skills and lighting skills as an apprentice in 1992.
Besides making efforts to build the career stronger, I was also involved in other related work by making good use of language skills such as coordinating overseas photo shoots, interview requests and travel arrangements.
At the same time, my snowboarding photos which I started as a hobby, were slowly picked up and rated all over the world.

In 1998, by starting off to have a contract as a staff photographer with an eye wear company called IRISSNOW in Canada.
In 2000, the biggest French ski company called Rossignol launched the snowboard business and contracted me as an exclusive snowboarding photographer, then I moved back to Canada soon after. By making good use of skills, I had a close connection with local marketing teams at Whistler Mountains, Camp of Champions, Snowboard Canada and Red Bull Canada.
In the meantime, my snowboarding photos became more famous. Then I contracted with snowboard makers and magazines in USA, Canada, Japan, Austria, Italy, Germany, England, Russia and NZ. I worked with a several different video productions and professional snowboarders back in the time.
In 2011, settled back in Japan and started new venture. My main services are producing marketing supplies such as catalogs, ads, promotional videos, TV commercials and websites. I also provide services like online analytics, social media strategy, controlling exhibition and events.
I still enjoy taking photos though, I have been focusing on directing photographers and controlling photo contents in media department.

Thanks for checking out my bio and enjoy taking photos!

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